This is one of my smaller pieces of work (36cm). Although most of my work is not glazed, this one has been. I was doing a diploma in art and design at Harrogate College. One of the units in the course was surface finish, so I did a number of test tiles to learn about glazing and then used the results to glaze this piece.

In less developed countries, many of the houses are unfurnished, with dirt floors that serve as the kitchen and table. A round-bottomed pot sits into a hollow in the earth floor easily, is simple to make and is a stronger form than a flat bottom pot, such as we use to place on our the tables in our modern homes. Discovering that inspired me to try this shape for the bottom of this pot.

The other interesting aspect about this pot is that the back of the spout forms the handle for picking it up and pouring it.

Good design should be simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

This is a pot that I am pleased with for many of the above reasons. Over time I will continue to explore and develop the design and ideas behind this pot.

Other images of this work: